CORE’s key partner: OHREC

The Oregon Health Research and Evaluation Collaborative (OHREC) is one of CORE’s key partners in research. 

OHREC brings researchers in Oregon together with policymakers for two important impacts:

1. Policymakers get to ask researchers to find out the answers to policy questions.
  In 2011, policymakers in Oregon were getting ready to authorize some health care reform legislation, but one of their key questions was: How much does a physician’s fear of being sued for medical malpractice change their decision-making? Policymakers asked OHREC to find out the answer, and the results was the CORE-led Defensive Medicine Study. Results from this study helped legislators make decisions about health care reform.

2. Researchers can tell policymakers about their research. 
 When the Oregon Health Study found that after one year new Medicaid beneficiaries were more likely to go to a clinic, to use prescription drugs, or to be admitted to the hospital, OHREC facilitated a presentation that allowed the Oregon Health Study team to show policymakers what an additional Medicaid expansion might mean in terms of utilization and costs.

To learn more, visit the OHREC website.

CORE’s partners through OHREC include:
Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland State University
Office of Equity and Inclusion
Health Share of Oregon
Oregon Primary Care Association