CORE Results and Publications

We’re really excited about results from the Oregon Health Study.  Here’s the latest, from The New England Journal of Medicine:
The Oregon Experiment — Effects of Medicaid on Clinical Outcomes

The Oregon Health Study made the news!  You can read some of the latest coverage here:

What The Oregon Health Study Can't Tell
New York Times

Second Thoughts on Medicaid from Oregon's Unique Experiment
National Public Radio

Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the Oregon Health Study
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What to make of the Oregon Health Study

Oregon Health Study publications include:

Finkelstein A, Taubman S, Wright B, Bernstein M, Gruber J, Newhouse J, Allen H, Baicker K,  and the Oregon Health Study Group.  The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from the First Year.  The Quarterly Journal of Economics 127:3, August 2012

Allen H, Baicker K, Finkelstein A, Taubman S, Wright BJ, and the Oregon Health Study Group.  What the Oregon Health Study can tell us about expanding Medicaid.  Health Affairs, 2010; 29(8):1498-1506.

Other recent publications include:

Bayley KB, Belnap T, Savitz LA, Masica A, Shah N, Fleming N. Challenges and solutions for using electronic health data for comparative effectiveness research.  JAMIA (forthcoming).

Sanders S, Loertcsher L, Bayley KB. Building a real-world quality improvement curriculum.  Academic Internal Medicine Insight (forthcoming).

Yamauchi M, Carlson MJ, Wright BJ, Angier H, Devoe JE.  Does Health Insurance Continuity Among Low-income Adults Impact Their Children's Insurance Coverage? Maternal Child Health Journal, Feb 2012.

Koekkoek D, Bayley KB, Brown A, Rustvold DL. Hospitalists assess the reasons for early readmission. Journal of Hospital Medicine, Volume 6, Issue 7, pages 383–388, September 2011

Wallace NT, Carlson MJ, Mosen DM, Snyder JJ, Wright B. The Individual and Program Impacts of Eliminating Medicaid Dental Benefits. American Journal of Public Health, 2011, 101:11, pp 2144-2150.

Pritchard L, Baker C, Leggett J, Sehdev P, Brown A, Bayley KB. Increasing vancomycin serum trough concentrations and incidence of nephrotoxicity. The American Journal of Medicine Volume 123, Issue 12, Pages 1143-1149, December 2010

Wright B, Carlson MJ, Allen H, Holmgren AL, Rustvold DL.  Raising premiums and other costs for Oregon Health Plan enrollees drove many to drop out.  Health Affairs, 2010; 29(12):2311-2316.

Carlson MJ, Wright BJ, Lowe RA. (2010).  The Impact of Oregon Health Plan Cuts on Substance Abuse Treatment.  In: McFarland BH, McCarty D, & Kovas AE (Eds.), Medicaid and Treatment for People with Substance Abuse Problems.  Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Wright BJ, Carlson MJ, Edlund T, DeVoe J, Gallia C, Smith J. The impact of increased cost sharing on Medicaid enrollees. Health Affairs. 2005; 24(4):1106-1116.

Carlson M, Wright B, Devoe J, Solotaroff R.  The effect of Medicaid policy changes on the chronically ill.  Chronic Illness, 2005; 1:191-205.

Carlson MJ, DeVoe J, Wright BJ. Short-term impacts of coverage loss in a Medicaid population: early results from a prospective cohort study of the Oregon Health Plan. Annals of Family Medicine, 2006; 4(5):391-398.