Cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling

Also known as: Cancer genetic testing, cancer genetic counseling, risk assessment and counseling, cancer screening and prevention education

Cancer risk assessment examines personal and family history information that influences cancer risk.

Providence Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program helps patients assess their individual cancer risk and outlines steps patients can take to reduce personal risk and detect cancer as early as possible.

  • Identify personal cancer risk factors based on medical history and lifestyle factors
  • Explain how family history of cancer influences risk
  • Determine whether genetic testing is likely to be useful based on family history
  • Recommend a customized set of cancer screening tests
  • Provide strategies to reduce cancer risk

Ask An Expert

Ask an Expert: Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

Q. I've just been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS.) I've heard it described as "stage 0" breast cancer. What does that mean? How worried should I be?

Answer from the expert staff of breast cancer research at the Robert W. Franz Cancer Research Center at Providence Portland Medical Center:

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Put cancer to the test

Mammograms, colonoscopies, PAP smears – these tests are well known and widely used to successfully prevent breast, colon and cervical cancers or to catch them in their earliest, most treatable stages. Just about everybody will, or should, have one or more of these tests routinely in their lifetimes.

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