Antenatal care

Also known as: Pregnancy check-ups
Antenatal checkups are very important to monitor the progress of your pregnancy.


If you haven't done so already, schedule a prenatal visit right away. Your first prenatal visit will provide information that can be used to check for any problems as your pregnancy progresses. Talk with your doctor about any medical conditions you are being treated for, such as depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. – you may need to change medications or dosages during your pregnancy to protect the fetus, so your doctor needs to know everything you are taking. Your doctor will probably talk to you about the rest of the issues on this top-ten list, as well. Before you leave the doctor's office, schedule your next visit; be sure to make it to all of your prenatal appointments.

Good care during pregnancy includes regularly scheduled prenatal exams. At each prenatal visit, you'll be weighed, have your abdomen measured, and have your blood pressure and urine checked. Use this time to discuss your list of pregnancy concerns or problems with your health professional. At different times in your pregnancy, you will have additional exams and tests performed. Although some are routine, others are only done when a problem is suspected or if you have a risk factor for a problem.