Academic evaluation

Even with treatment, symptoms of behavioral health disorders in children and adolescents can be difficult to manage and can make school challenging. Regular and honest communication with your child and his or her teachers, guidance counselors, coaches and school administrators can be the most important factor in helping your child succeed.

Sometimes young people face issues that are beyond their coping abilities. Some problems are too serious for families, schools and private counselors to manage. This can result in emotionally and physically destructive behavior.

At these times, young people may need the compassionate, focused attention available within the controlled environment of a psychiatric hospital. Providence Behavioral Health Services offers patient- and family-centered programs for children and adolescents, featuring:

  • Age-appropriate care
  • Flexible schedules and activities
  • Family involvement
  • Behavioral interventions
  • A blend of medical, emotional and social therapies
  • Close communication with family members, the patient’s school and community providers