Providence Medford Medical Center goes live on Epic EHR on April 27

April 25, 2013

"The Epic implementation is a huge undertaking that will result in even greater patient safety and quality of care improvements," said Brian Herwig, chief operating officer for Providence Medford. "Our Providence Medical Group clinics have been live on Epic since last September. The medical center’s go-live will enable all of Providence southern Oregon to have immediate access to the right information at the right time."

Patient information is shared between all appropriate staff, departments and facilities in a safe, secure and more efficient manner, enabling clinicians to track patient care as it happens.  

"Since the September 2012 Epic implementation in Providence Medical Group clinics, Providence physicians have had access to secure patient medical records on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices using Epic Haiku and Canto applications," said Jason Kuhl, M.D., Epic physician champion for Providence Southern Oregon. "Physicians can view lab work, medication lists, allergy lists, patient problem lists, and imaging results on a 24/7 basis no matter where they may be -- home, office or elsewhere. After the medical center goes live on Epic on April 27, these applications will be available to all credentialed physicians and providers."

These applications are secure and HIPAA compliant. It is expected that future capabilities will include secure messaging and dictation.

"Epic is a tool that improves patient safety because a patient’s medical record speaks for itself," said Shannon Fife, D.O., physician lead clinical champion for Providence Southern Oregon’s Epic go-live. "We have many regional and system colleagues with us during go-live and our initial optimization period to make sure the Epic system is working well. While Epic will help us better serve our patients, it is we – the people of Providence – who are the ones who care for our patients. Despite the busy work of Epic implementation, the patient is always at the center of our focus and actions."

Drs. Fife and Kuhl have participated in numerous Epic go-live events at other Providence medical centers and facilities across the Pacific Northwest. They, along with a host of other Epic-experienced Providence colleagues, are bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise to the Providence Southern Oregon go-live.

With Epic, each patient’s health history, medications and allergies are kept in a secure record, accessible to caregivers. This reduces repetition and potentially overlooked or forgotten patient care history details. As Providence Medical group patients have experienced, patients can easily access their personal health information 24/7 via MyChart, including immunization records, growth charts and medication renewal information. MyChart also enables patients to view test results, message from their physicians, and health education, as well as have the ability to schedule appointments and communicate confidentially with their caregiver.

"Overall, Epic implementation will transform health care through increased efficiencies that result in reduced costs, increased speed or referrals and consultations between physicians and providers, and improve ease of access to essential patient information," Herwig stated.