Providence Hood River's dialysis care expands - provides convenient, less expensive option for patients

February 22, 2012
Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce dialysis care has expanded to include in-home peritoneal dialysis services.            

“This service will be convenient and helpful for patients who prefer a home treatment option” said Kris Emery, RN, a dialysis nurse at Providence Hood River.

More than 485,000 Americans have kidney disease. When kidneys fail to function properly, the body cannot remove waste products and water. People begin to feel tired and weak, and may experience headaches, nausea, and develop swelling. Treatment options are dialysis or a kidney transplant – and since there are more people with kidney disease than there are kidney donors, dialysis is the more common treatment option.

There are two types of dialysis. Hemodialysis, is conducted in a clinic or hospital three times a week. Waste and water are removed directly from the blood using needles and a man-made filter. Peritoneal dialysis, or PD, is done independently at home and uses the person’s abdomen as a natural filter. People treated using PD only visit a clinic twice a month for supplies, education, lab work and doctor visits. “This is a perfect example of the Providence vision to improve population health, provide affordable care and a positive care experience” said Ed Freysinger, chief executive for Providence in the Columbia Gorge Service Area.

The Ray Yasui Dialysis Center at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital is the only provider of dialysis services in the Columbia Gorge. For more information on this at-home service, please call 541-387-6378.