Portland doctor makes house calls by bicycle!

July 01, 2011
Before leaving the office to visit a homebound patient, Dr. Tony Ohotto gathered a few necessities: his stethoscope, medical notes, and a pair of well-worn bicycling shoes.

Dark clouds threatened rain, so Ohotto packed a rain slicker before hopping on his 10-speed. Kevin Callahan, a certified occupational therapy assistant, joined him for a 15-minute ride to their patient's home, a residential care facility in Southeast Portland.

"When you roll up on a bike, it gets you some street cred with patients and caregivers," says Ohotto, a geriatric specialist and staff physician at Providence ElderPlace, a program that provides health care, housing and other services for older adults.

Through good weather and bad -- and despite the social and professional pressures favoring car transport -- Ohotto and Callahan have found on-the-job bicycling to be eminently practical. 
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