Safeway Inc. awarded the 2011 Freeman Philanthropic Services Award for Outstanding Corporation

May 06, 2011

Representatives from Providence Cancer Center and Safeway cut the ribbon for the new Safeway Foundation Breast Center at Providence Portland Medical Center.

Safeway Inc., a major supporter of Providence Cancer Center, has been awarded the 2011 Freeman Philanthropic Services Award for Outstanding Corporation by the international Association of Fundraising Professionals. The award honors companies that demonstrate outstanding commitment to important causes through financial support and encouragement and that motivate others to take on leadership roles in their communities.

Like previous Freeman awardees, Safeway is committed to "creating community partnerships that produce meaningful and visible results," says Larree Renda, executive vice president of Safeway Inc. and chair of the Safeway Foundation. "The success of our programs lies squarely with the dedication of our employees and the generosity of our customers." Across the United States, Safeway has contributed more than $200 million annually to breast and prostate cancer research; education; food banks; and organizations supporting people with disabilities.

The funds that Safeway customers donate at the check stand, along with matching funds from the company, have provided significant support for breast cancer projects in Oregon. Since 2008, Providence Cancer Center has received $3 million in support as a direct result of Safeway's annual breast cancer awareness campaign in October.

This support has revolutionized Providence's breast cancer research program by establishing a new laboratory and research team dedicated to breast cancer research and by funding more than five research projects and patient trials since 2008. Included in this work are the world's first breast cancer trial using anti-OX40; a project using a synthesized form of vitamin E to treat and prevent cancer; and a trial to test the effectiveness of a surgical technique using laser light to better remove cancerous tissue during a lumpectomy.

Safeway received the Freeman award at the Association of Fundraising Professionals' annual meeting in March.