Prayers, concern follow devastating tsunami

March 11, 2011

Message from Elizabeth McCabe
Chief Mission Integration Officer
Providence Health & Services – Oregon Region

The terrifying images from Japan have touched us all, as we receive updated reports of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami. As people of Providence, we join in prayer and in thought for all those affected by this cataclysmic event – those who lost their lives and those who are waiting for word about loved ones, family and friends. We also think of those who are ministering in this area of sudden need – first responders, relief workers and rescue teams. Oregon Mission and spiritual care leaders are available for employees who may need support.

Thoughts and prayers for Japan 

The waves of death rose about me;
the torrents of destruction assailed me;
the snares of the grave surrounded me;
the traps of death confronted me.
The earth reeled and rocked;
The mountains were shaken to their base.
The bed of the ocean was revealed;
The foundations of the world were laid bare.
From on high he reached me and seized me;
He drew me forth from the mighty waters.
From Psalm 18

Lord God,
Creator of the earth, sea, and sky,
be present to the people of Japan
in their time of need.
Receive those who have died into your loving embrace,
and grant their families comfort and peace.
May those who have lost homes and livelihood feel your love
through the help of friends and strangers.
Give them courage and hope
as they rebuild their communities.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

In addition to your prayers, if you're able, please consider donations to the organizations already launching efforts. These include International Red Cross, Medical Teams International and Mercy Corps.

We are thankful for the dedicated work by our North Coast colleagues to keep our patients and employees safe, and to support people in the community we serve. For now, the immediate concern there is subsiding – and we know that one day, our preparations might be put to an even more direct test.

The days ahead are uncertain, but what we do know of tomorrow is that “Providence will rise before the sun” – and the people of Providence stand ready to serve.