Safeway Foundation once again gives generously for breast cancer

May 01, 2010

Laurel Soot, M.D., and Safeway checker Sean Jefferies.
Providence Cancer Center and Providence Medical Foundations are delighted to announce another $1 million grant from Safeway Foundation.

This grant will fund the development of two breast cancer clinical trials and will help increase the capacity of our clinical trials nursing team.

All of these funds came from the October 2009 in-store giving program at Safeway stores in Oregon and southwest Washington.

It's remarkable to consider the number of people in our community who chipped in 25 cents, $1 or whatever amount to add up to this total.

The eradication of breast and prostate cancers are corporate priorities for Safeway nationally. The company maintains partnerships with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; Johns Hopkins University; University of California, San Francisco; University of California, Los Angeles and Northwestern University.

Safeway Foundation has funded several collaborative projects, such as the I-SPY trial and ATHENA Breast Health Network.

Providence Cancer Center has received $2.5 million from Safeway Foundation for breast cancer research since 2008.