Can Reality Match the Rhetoric? Rethinking Social Determinants of Health

Caregivers are increasingly expected to attend to the social determinants of health—a patient’s education level, housing, food security, social support, access to technology and much more. Addressing the social context of a patient when medical care is delivered holds great promise, but there are also many challenges to doing it well.

This session, through presentation and small group discussion, will explore the promise and the pitfalls associated with incorporating social determinants of health.

About the Presenter


Michael Rozier, SJ, MPH, MDiv
Father Rozier is a Jesuit priest and a doctoral student in health management and policy at the University of Michigan. He has earned graduate degrees in philosophy from the University of Toronto, in international health from Johns Hopkins University, and in moral theology from Boston College. He was an ethics fellow with the World Health Organization in Geneva and has directed public health research projects in the Dominican Republic, Peru and El Salvador. 

His current research projects include understanding the role of community groups in community benefit resource allocations and the organizational and ethical implications of an emphasis on population health in U.S. hospitals.


Patty Goss

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