Our certified nurse-midwives provide a full range of health care services along with educational and support services. We specialize in family planning, reproductive counseling, prenatal care, labor and birth.

A certified nurse midwife is a skilled health care professional who is educated in the advanced practices of nursing and midwifery. Research has shown that this personal approach to women’s health care translates to better birth outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Nurse midwives provide a guiding hand through pregnancy-related decisions, while balancing a mother’s needs with the health and well being of the unborn child.

Prenatal support: During prenatal appointments, nurse midwives will monitor the normal progression of pregnancy; provide information on pregnancy related topics like nutrition and testing, and address concerns as they arise. Prenatal appointments are your time to get to know our nurse midwives and staff, ask questions, and get resources and assistance.

Delivery and postpartum care: We understand that women need the most support during the labor and birth experience. Unlike most doctors, our nurse midwives remain with their patients throughout labor and birth. They keep their patients actively involved in the birth process and are attuned to their particular needs. The nurse midwife delivers the baby and sees to the immediate care of the newborn and the start of breastfeeding. The new mother will return to our clinic for follow-up care two and six weeks after the baby is born.

What happens at the clinic

When you come for your first appointment, a midwife will examine you and help you choose a doctor or a certified nurse midwife who will see you through your pregnancy.You will receive medical care while you are pregnant, during your baby's birth and after your baby is born.

Financial worries? 

Financial circumstances should never interfere with your ability to receive care when you are pregnant. We accept Citizen Alien Waived Emergent Medical (CAWEM) insurance. 

If you are uninsured, we will gladly help you fill out the paperwork for the Oregon Health Plan and give you an on-site eligibility screening.

If you are not eligible, financial coordinators will help you apply for financial assistance from Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

We are here to help

The staff at our clinic will attempt to provide assistance for any childbirth related problem you may have. We will refer you to childbirth classes that are available in English, Spanish and Russian. We have videos and brochures in English and Spanish.

We also work closely with Providence Beginnings which offers a broad array of assistance for mothers of new babies, from emergency food assistance to low-cost car seats.

To make an appointment, please call 503-216-2807. We are eager to help you and your baby get a healthy start.