The South Dakota Mental Health Needs Assessment Project


Major Research Questions
What are the physical, mental and behavioral health care needs of South Dakota residents?
  • John McConnell, Ph.D. - OHSU Center for Health Systems Effectiveness
  • Melinda Davis, Ph.D. - OHSU Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network
  • Donald Warne, M.D., MPH - North Dakota State University
Project Timeline
May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2015
When can we expect to see results?
March-April 2015

Additional Information

What is this survey about?
To start improving behavioral health services in South Dakota, decision makers will need more up-to-date and comprehensive data than is currently available. This survey will attempt to help fill that gap.

The South Dakota Mental Health Needs Assessment survey will assess the prevalence of various health conditions in the population, assess use of and access to care and services for those conditions, and identify key barriers to that access. This project includes a mail survey of the general population with telephone follow-up. It also includes an in-person survey of those in Native American and homeless communities who may be harder to reach with a traditional mail survey.

To learn more about this project, contact CORE.