Providence St. Vincent is renowned for its many centers of excellence, including Providence Heart and Vascular Institute, Providence Brain and Spine Institute, Providence Center For Health Care Ethics, among others. Its maternity services are also highly regarded. Each year, about one of every seven babies born in Oregon is delivered at Providence St. Vincent – more than any other medical facility in the state. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is home to the world's most advanced operating room suite for brain tumors, with the West Coast's only movable intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging.

Statistics of interest (2013 data)

  • Employees of Providence St. Vincent: 3,198
  • Medical staff: 1,809
  • Licensed beds: 523
  • Births: 5,046
  • Acute care inpatient admissions: 27,988
  • Average daily census: 396
  • ED visits: 79,155
  • Inpatient surgeries: 13,985
  • Outpatient surgeries: 19,142
  • Average inpatient length of stay: 4.42
  • Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation distributions: $7.8 million
  • Annual community benefits value: $52 million
  • Volunteers (adults, students, hospice): 515
  • Volunteer hours provided: 83,763

Leadership Team

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center leadership team:

  • Chief Executive: Janice Burger
  • Chief Operating Officer: Nancy Roberts
  • Chief Nursing Officer: Jennifer Burrows
  • President, Providence St. Vincent Medical Staff: James Biemer, Jr., M.D.
  • Executive Director, Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation: Kevin Finn
  • President, Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation Council of Trustees: Paul Rosenbaum