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Ask an expert: A strength-training prescription for diabetes

Q: "It's common knowledge that walking and other kinds of exercise can help people control diabetes and pre-diabetes, but I recently read that...

Ask An Expert: E-cigarettes and other alternative smokes

Q: “Are electronic cigarettes safe to use? What about other smoking alternatives, like herbal cigarettes and hookahs?”

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In Practice: Elizabeth Stephens, M.D.

Motherhood, music and the personal reason she specializes in diabetes.

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Cold and Flu FAQ

Keeping the common cold and influenza at bay is a constant part of our daily lives. This seems to be especially true during the winter and early spring months. There are many simple ways to limit your exposure to viruses, such as regularly washing your hands. For some people, a flu vaccination might be the best option. Read on to find out more about how you can stay healthy and seek out appropriate treatment.

Quitting smoking improves health for everyone near and dear to you

Quitting smoking is not easy. It takes most people an average of six tries before they finally quit for good – but you can up your success rate with the right combination of motivation and support.

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