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M-CHAT Questionnaire

The M-CHAT is one of the recommended autism screening tools recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Well child checklist

A list of developmental questionnaires from birth to age 21.

Well child checklist-Spanish

Una lista de los cuestionarios de desarrollo desde el nacimiento hasta los 21 años.

Proprietary Health Article

Cold and Flu FAQ

Keeping the common cold and influenza at bay is a constant part of our daily lives. This seems to be especially true during the winter and early spring months. There are many simple ways to limit your exposure to viruses, such as regularly washing your hands. For some people, a flu vaccination might be the best option. Read on to find out more about how you can stay healthy and seek out appropriate treatment.

Too busy to get sick? Power up your inner superhero.

Faster than a speeding sneeze, more powerful than a contagious disease, ready to leap into action against viral villains – it’s your immune system! Made up of a vast army of cells – mostly white blood cells – this inner superhero is on duty 24/7, scouting out invaders, fending off infections and fighting internal grime. When performing at its peak, your immune system defends and protects you from colds, flu viruses – even some cancers.

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