Providence Maternal Care Clinic is a Portland midwifery practice that provides compassionate prenataldelivery, and postpartum care to women who want the safety of a hospital birth with minimal medical interventions and the caring support of a nurse midwife.

We provide the personal care approach of midwifery, with the safety and expertise of a health care system. Our care team specializes in providing holistic women’s health care catered to your individual needs, including: gynecology, family planning, reproductive counseling, prenatal care, labor and birth.

As one of the few certified nurse-midwife practices in Portland, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality care in a safe environment. If you would like to get to know our team, we invite you to schedule a free consultation by calling 503-215-6262.

What are the benefits of delivering with a midwife?

Our certified nurse midwives will guide you through each stage of your pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks of your child’s life.

During prenatal appointments, our nurse midwives will monitor the progression of your pregnancy. We will provide you with information on nutrition and testing, and address any concerns you may have.

We understand that women need the most support during the labor and birth experience. We keep you actively involved in the birthing process and are attuned to your personal needs. Your nurse midwife delivers your baby and sees to the immediate care of your child and the start of breastfeeding.

Two weeks after your delivery, your nurse midwife will give you a brief exam to make sure you are healing and answer any questions you may have. She can also provide breastfeeding support. After two weeks, your baby should be seen by a pediatric care provider. We’re happy to help you find a provider if needed.

Six weeks after your delivery, you will have a Pap smear and a final postpartum exam.

Women’s health

Certified nurse midwives are qualified to provide a variety of women’s health related services including: annual exams, reproductive counseling, prescriptions, and follow-up examinations, disease prevention and breast exams. Should you need something outside the scope of our practice, we will connect you with a caring gynecologist or a specialist as needed.