Also known as: Bed wetting, Enuresis, Exploding head syndrome, Incubus attacks, Night terrors, Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome, Pavor nocturnes, REM behavior disorder, Sleep eating, Sleep talking, Sleep terrors, Sleep walking, Sleep-related eating disorders, Urination at night
Parasomnias are undesirable physical activities that occur during sleep involving skeletal muscle activity, nervous system changes, or both. Night terrors and sleepwalking are two types of parasomnias. Sleep can be difficult for people who experience parasomnias. While "asleep," a person with parasomnia may walk, scream, rearrange furniture, eat odd foods, or pick up a weapon.

Parasomnia can cause odd, distressing, and sometimes dangerous nighttime activities. These disorders have medically explainable causes and usually are treatable.