Memory loss

Also known as: Confusion, Altered alertness
Most people assume that it is normal for a person to lose memory as he or she ages. It's not normal, but it is common. Memory loss causes real problems for older people.

If you are experiencing memory loss, it’s important to be evaluated by a doctor. Some memory loss is the result of a treatable disease, like thyroid conditions or medication side effects. Unfortunately, because people see memory loss as being normal, they often do not get evaluated and treated.

For example, dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease and a number of other causes affects about 45 percent of people above age 80. According to health insurance organizations, only about seven percent of people over age 80 are actually diagnosed with dementia.
Providence Cognitive Assessment Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment plans for early changes in cognition associated with aging and brain injury.  We are actively engaged in clinical trials to slow patients' memory decline. We treat more people with memory disorders than any other health system in Oregon.