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Colon and Rectal Cancer Resource Information

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, but your health matters to us every day. Keep your colon healthy by eating right and exercising. Colon cancer is preventable and treatable, so if you’re 50 or older, or at high risk for colon cancer, ask your doctor about a colonoscopy screening.

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A survivor's story

For years, Doug Dallmann had experienced symptoms of colorectal cancer, but if wasn't until he came to Providence Cancer Center that he was diagnosed. See how Doug battled this disease and was able to educate others to get screened. 

From the experts

Colon cancer is the third-deadliest cancer in the U.S. But because it has no early warning signs, colon cancer can be deadly if it progresses. Screening is essential. A family affected by colon cancer shares their story.

Myth busting colonoscopy

From the prep to the probing, the colonoscopy has a mythology all its own. Here’s why it’s not so bad.