MATCH Treatment Subprotocol M: Phase II Study of MLN0128 (TAK-228) in Patients with Tumors with TSC1 or TSC2 Mutations

Eligibility Criteria:
* Patients must have a TSC1 or TSC2 mutation as determined by the MATCH screening assessment
* Patients must not have known hypersensitivity to MLN0128 (TAK-228) or compounds of similar chemical or biologic composition.
* Patients must have none of the following within six months of receiving the first dose of MLN0128 (TAK-228): ischemic, myocardial or cerebrovascular event, class III or IV heart failure, placement of pacemaker, or pulmonary embolism.
* Patients must have no manifestations of malabsorption due to prior gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, GI disease, or for an unknown reason that may alter the absorption of MLN0128 (TAK-228).
Phase II
Multiple Tumor Types
Alison Conlin, M.D.
ECOG (Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group)
Amy Greathouse

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