Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study of Testosterone in the Adjuvant Treatment of Postmenopausal Women with Aromatase Inhibitor Induced Arthralgias

This randomized phase III trial studies testosterone to see how well it works compared to placebo in treating postmenopausal patients with arthralgia (joint pain) caused by anastrozole or letrozole. Testosterone may help relieve moderate or severe arthralgia associated with the use of aromatase inhibitors, such as anastrozole or letrozole.

Inclusion Criteria:

* Receiving anastrozole (1mg) or letrozole (2.5 mg) orally once a day, for ≥ 21 days prior to registration and plan to continue it throughout the duration of study
* Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18 and 35 kg/m^2
* Women who have undergone a total mastectomy or breast conserving surgery for primary breast cancer +/-chemo, +/-radiotherapy.
* Must have BOTH ER and PR receptor-positive tumors and BOTH must be ≥26% positive. Alternatively, if ER and PR are determined by Allred score, the score needs to be 5 or higher
* Women who are postmenopausal by surgery, radiotherapy or presence of natural amenorrhea ≥ 12 months
* ≥ 5/10 arthralgia (in hands, wrist, knees, or hips) while being treated with anastrozole or letrozole which is felt by the patient to be caused by their aromatase inhibitor as defined in the protocol. Note: Patients may, or may not, be taking non-opiod analgesics
* ECOG Performance Status (PS) 0, 1 or 2
* Willing to return to an Alliance enrolling institution for follow-up
* Willing to provide blood samples for correlative research purposes
Phase III
Alison Conlin, M.D.
Amy Greathouse

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