Common Estimates

Labor and Delivery Estimates

Portland Service Area hospitals only (Providence Portland Medical Center, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, and Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center)

Please note that services for the mother and baby are billed separately once the baby is born. These estimates do not include charges from your physician, pediatrician or anesthesiologist. They will bill separately. Labs or pharmacy charges outside of a routine vaginal or c-section delivery would be additional.

  • Vaginal delivery without epidural (mother), 1-day stay: $4,250-$4,700
  • Vaginal delivery without epidural (mother), 2-day stay: $5,900-$7,300
  • Vaginal delivery with epidural (mother), 1-day stay: $5,300-$6,300
  • Vaginal delivery with epidural (mother), 2-day stay: $7,600-$9,700
  • Cesarean section (mother), 2-day stay: $12,500-$13,600
  • Cesarean section (mother), 3-day stay: $14,600-$17,700
  • Cesarean section (mother), 4-day stay: $17,600-$24,500
  • Newborn care (baby), 1-day stay: $1,300-$1,650
  • Newborn care (baby), 2-day stay: $2,500-$3,000
  • Newborn care (baby), 3-day stay: $3,800-$4,300
  • Newborn care (baby), 4-day stay: $5,000-$6,000