I Will: Breathe Fresh Air - Smoking Cessation Program

The Providence Smoking Cessation Program is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to stop smoking and begin living your best, healthiest life.

Providence believes health is a right for everyone

Learn how we’re committed to caring for all people and how we support social needs, such as safe housing, healthy food and mental health.

Hundreds to be served in proposal to slash homelessness

Providence is partnering with Catholic Charities of Oregon and the Archdiocese of Oregon in an ambitious plan by Catholic Charities USA to slash homelessness by 20 percent in Portland over five years.

Do You Know Your Health Risks?

Take a free health quiz to find out if you’re at risk for common health issues. In just a few minutes, you’ll get a personal health report, including recommendations on lifestyle changes.

Too busy to visit a clinic?

Use Express Care Virtual to see a health care provider in minutes from your computer, smartphone or tablet.